Turn your returns

Increase the repurchase rate and the satisfaction of your ecommerce customers with a simple and automated after-sales service

should build customer loyalty
not lose them

We know how frustrating it is to lose customers and money to reverse logistics. Transform your returns into more sales, better reputation and care for the planet.

The process is easy

1. We refund the money to your client in less than 24 hours.

2. We classify the return while the product is in your client’s home

3. We determine the new destination of the product.

4. We return to your warehouse, re-sell, recycle or donate.

Triple Impact


Our system helps you increase the LTV of your customers and reduce your losses due to returns.


When returns are simple, everyone is happy. You and your clients.


Better returns mean a lower carbon footprint.

We know how complicated it is to deal with returns

We have the support of Kaufmann and Güil, the Venture Capital in charge of co-creating extraordinary mobility solutions in Chile.

Returns can be a win-win-win

Earn money by retaining customers
and reduce losses due to returns

Nothing will return to your warehouse. We take care of the returned products for you, either with their resale or recycling with our platform.

Happier customers improve your NPS

We transform inefficient processes that generate haters in social media or complaints to regulatory entities, into simple processes that are transformed into congratulations and new purchases.

Reduce carbon footprint and
environmental impact

With our system, we lower your CO2 emissions by saving you unnecessary transfers. In addition, we prevent any product from ending up in the trash, finding the best final destination for them.

More sales and better reputation:
all with a simple plan

Schedule a meeting with us and start your pilot.

All your returns are handled automatically with complete visibility in a real time dashboard.

Your customers’ LTV goes up and their CAC goes down. Returns are no longer a problem.

Some questions you may have

To begin with, we are not “someone else”. We are a company dedicated 100% to reverse logistics with the support of one of the best VCs in the niche and a highly specialized team.

Large companies trust us and are already having excellent results.

We get it, but the question is: should it be like this? Should you waste your team’s time on complicated and inefficient processes that generate losses?

Wouldn’t it be better to leave it to experts on the subject, who in addition to reducing costs, increase your sales?

You tell me.

Can I tell you something? From now on they could be less.

With good management, you will have better results in the Profit & Losses of the next period.

Profitability goes up, your reputation too and your customers will be happier and more loyal.

We are experts in this, you will not be our guinea pig.

We can find out with high precision (93%) the conditions of the product and thus generate the corresponding refunds.

Yes, those refunds will no longer be a concern for you.